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Does Not come with cover in photo. For display only!

DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: The Handpan steel drum consists of 8 or 11 Notes ,made of new carbon steel, the drum surface is precisely cut for more accurate articulation, handmade by professional craftsmen, the drum body is full and rounded, combining modern innovative design, craftsmanship and sound theory in one, with simple shape and very convenient to carry. PRINCIPLE OF DRUMS SOUND: The steel drums for adults is a sounding instrument, the tongue will vibrate when struck by the drumstick, and the whole drum cavity will resonate by the sound of the tongue. After mastering the basic rhythms, it can produce beautiful tones. There is no complicated music theory system, easy to learn. PERFECT SOUND QUALITY: The tone is crisp, beautiful and very stable, which makes it easy to play different types of songs for both novice and professional players. The ethereal, pure and mellow sound of the drum makes people feel relaxed and happy from the bottom of their hearts. SCOPE OF APPLICATION: The hand pan drum can be applied to a variety of occasions, melodious and soft sound is suitable for concert accompaniment, yoga meditation, music education, spiritual rehabilitation, etc., the drum sound is beautiful, mellow, moderate volume, classical and soothing melody can relieve stress, so that your nervous mood slowly calm down. 


Size Specifications: 6 Inches 

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Drum Pad: 6
Model Number: JRXH1551
Origin: Mainland China

New Ethereal Drum 6 Inch 8/11 Tone

SKU: 3256804272059229
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