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We Love to 3D Print! We also do Free quotes!!!

Can you think of anything that you would like for us to 3D print for you? Virtually anything you can think of we can make happen! All we need is a fil and we can get straight to work. Even of you do not have a file. Or know how to get a file for a 3D print, Thanks OK! This is what you can do...You can visit the web and there you will find lots of places online that have loads of 3D print files some you must buy and some that are free and you can procure these from those wonderful places that you can easily find in any search engine of your choice. Then once you have your file. You can bring it to us and we can give you a quote with an Amazing price that is super affordable for anyone's budget! That's our goal to bring 3D printing to you! We want everyone to have the chance to experience this wonderful new technology that is the Art of 3D printing!

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