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Eclectic shop, handmade items, art and 3D prints. Ask us what we can create or acquire for you!

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Hand painted, eclectic art

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Metaphysical Supplies

Get all your metaphysical supplies here! Crystals, sage, aura readings, and more!

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We offer lots of fun patterns and designs to be 3D printed!

3D Printing Services

Justice For Madi

Her Favorite color was yellow and Her family called her Sunshine. Madison Kingston Robinson was a bright shining light in everyones life. She had just started her sophomore year of high school and was also on the debate team. She enjoyed reading history in her free time. Madi had dreams of growing up to be a paramedic in the military. She wanted to get married one day and have children of her own. Madi grew up surrounded by a large loving extended family. She touched a lot of peoples lives in her 15 years and Continues to! Madison Kingston Robinson was murdered in a drive by shooting in a residential area of Cape Girardeau, August 24, 2019. She was 15 years old. #justiceforMadi